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Dialogue: Screenwriter Daniel Waters on Why 'Vampire Academy' Is Nothing Like Those Other YA Movies

It’s easy to look at the promotional campaign for the adaptation of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and brand the film another Twilight or just another one-note teen supernatural adventure, but screenwriter Daniel Waters is well aware of that and expects to prove those naysayers wrong come February 14, 2014.
The film’s first teaser trailer just dropped and, as it should, only scratches the surface of the narrative: best friends Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry) attend St. Vladimir’s Academy, your typical high school filled with young love, parties, and gossip. Oh, and vampires, too. Lissa is a Moroi, a benevolent breed of vampire whose existence is threatened by the malicious Strigoi. That’s where Rose steps in. She’s a Dhampir, half human and half vampire, and is studying to become Lissa’s guardian in order to protect her from the Strigoi.
Again, that’s only the surface. The story is loaded with curious characters, varying relationships, sass, action, and a particularly unique set of world rules. The film isn’t due in theaters until Valentine’s Day of next year, but Waters took the time out of post-production work to give us an update on the project, enlighten us on his adaptation process, and offer some thoughts on the book-to-film potential beyond Vampire Academy. Catch it all for yourself in the interview below. How far along are you in the editing process?
Daniel Waters: We’re just coming on our first cut, so it’s still very early on. We’re trying to get out at Valentine’s Day so everything is a little accelerated. Things are going good, but it’s still at the first cut stage. Based on the footage you’ve seen so far, is there anything that you’re particularly excited to show fans – perhaps even in the marketing campaign?
Waters: Well, yeah. It’s tricky because I’m still recovering from the over-hysteria and over-analysis of the one-minute teaser trailer. I’m afraid to turn on my computer nowadays. [Laughs] But unfortunately, for me, a lot of my favorite scenes are the scenes towards the end of the movie that you don’t want to give away in a teaser or a trailer, so it’s gonna be weird to see how we end up using that in marketing. The problem I have with marketing in general when you tie it to trailers and commercials and things, is that only the surface clich├ęs of the vampire genre are gonna come across, when the movie, like the book, is much richer and more complex than any commercial or any trailer could be.
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New Facebook Picture From Lucy Fry (August 30)

"Missing Rose Hathaway" - via Lucy's Facebook

Zoey's reply:

Penguin Teen Australia: VA Cast Competition Winners + NEW Lucy Fry Photo!

"In news almost too awesome to be true, we can FINALLY reveal the winners of our Vampire Academy Movie Cast Competition! A mega congrats to Stephanie O, Kathleen M, Zachary C, Brooke F and Kiana S for having their questions chosen to be answered by VA cast members.

We'll be revealing each answer ever day next week and we're kicking it off with Aussie Princess Lucy Fry on Monday at 12 noon. It's a VA PARTY WEEK!" - via PenguinTeenAus

The VA Movie Cast Question Competition Entry was back in June for Australia residents only. Click HERE to be taken back to that post.

Timezones for Monday, September 2 (Sydney, Australia time):
Los Angeles - 7PM (Sunday, September 1)
New York - 10PM (Sunday, September 1)
Vancouver, Canada - 7PM (Sunday, September 1)
Toronto, Canada - 10PM (Sunday, September 1)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 11PM (Sunday, September 1)
London, UK - 3AM (Monday, September 2)
Paris, France - 4AM (Monday, September 2)
Berlin, Germany - 4AM (Monday, September 2)
Greece - 5AM (Monday, September 2)
Moscow, Russia - 6AM (Monday, September 2)
Western Australia - 10:45 AM (Monday, September 2)

If your time is not listed you can use this helpful Time Zone Converter HERE

Huge congrats to all the winners and we can't wait for Lucy on Monday!!

MTV's Hollywood Crush Interviews VA Screenwriter Dan Waters

Nobody In 'Vampire Academy' Is Innocent, Says Screenwriter Dan Waters

Fans got their first taste of the big-screen adaptation of Richelle Mead's "Vampire Academy" earlier this month with the bloody fabulous debut of a teaser trailer. (SHIRTLESS DIMITRI WHAT!!!!!!!) But with a big-screen bow more than six months away, we're already bloodlusting for more.
Sooooooo... we hopped on the phone with screenwriter Daniel Waters (probably best known for penning 1988's "Heathers") to get all the dirty details about the Zoey Deutch-starring film, including what's changed from the book and how "Vampire Academy" will be different than other teen flicks.
Hollywood Crush: "Heathers" came out 25 years ago. How do you think the teen sensibility has changed since then? 
Dan Waters: I think it goes through different patterns and waves. Certainly, when "Heathers" came around, I think people were sick of a certain kind of teen film, like, even John Hughes films that we loved then and love now, I think it came at a period when people were sick of them, and I think we're getting to that point again, where we've seen so many different teen cliches and young-adult cliches and even vampire-themed cliches. I'm happy to be coming back to the teen genre, because I think it's time to slap those cliches around again. We need something new because I think everybody kind of feels like we're in a rut of the same kind of thing over and over.
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Zoey Deutch Gets Ready for the VMAs with Teen Vogue

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Dominic Sherwood Photoshoot: Storm Shoot London (August 27)


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Mark Waters On 'Vampire Academy' & The Legacy Of 'Mean Girls

To say this year has been unkind to young adult adaptations would be an understatement. In February, "Beautiful Creatures" opened with just $7.5 million in ticket sales, this despite being based on the popular YA novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. In March, "The Host," an adaptation of "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's YA novel, underwhelmed with an opening of $10 million. Last weekend, it was "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" that stumbled: the adaptation of Cassandra Claire's popular YA series grossed only $14 million in its first five days of release. Even the first trailer for the adaptation of Veronica Roth's "Divergent," the series many have pegged as the heir apparent to "The Hunger Games," was met with a few shrugs after it debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show on Sunday.
This is the world that Mark Waters' adaptation of Richelle Mead's "Vampire Academy" is coming into next year. Not that the "Mean Girls" director is too worried.

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NEW Pictures of Danila in Russia (August 27)

"A handsome surprise in W St. Petersburg!" 

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Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland at InTouch Weekly's "ICONS & IDOLS Party" (August 25)

Zoey and Sarah attended the "ICONS & IDOLS Party" hosted by InTouch Weekly right after the MTV VMAs:



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