Friday, January 31, 2014

Full Transcript of Zoey, Dom, and Lucy's Facebook Chat (January 31)

And have u guys read the books
Dom: I have read the first one, I'm trying not to get ahead of myself x

Do you think the movie will do the book justice?
Dom: Absolutely
Zoey: Absolutely
Lucy: OH YES

What is your best memory from the experience on Vampire Academy?
Dom: The people i have met and the relationships that i have developed
Zoey: The people i have met and the relationships that i have developed
Lucy: Same, all the amazing people. Cast and Crew. It was so fun. And being in England. It was such a treat to be in London
Lucy: The people for sure and it was such a treat to be in london... amazing place

Zoey: I've decided to just copy and paste Dom's responses...?
Zoey: Bad idea, Zoey.

Was it fun making the movie
Dom: Such fun. We were all really lucky to have such a great cast and crew
Zoey: It was wildly fun and challenging in ways I had never expected. But at the end of the day it is a job, and we all wanted a great product, so we worked very hard.

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What's your favorite part of the movie? and is there going to be a 2nd one/ whole movie series with the books
Dom: I love the ending
Lucy: I love.... the whole thing.

What was each of your favorite scenes?
Dom: The attic scenes
Lucy: The opening scene

Who was the biggest goofball on set?
Dom: I think me and lucy..maybe, we are pretty clumsy
Zoey: Hmm... I'd say it would be either Danila or I! Apparently we are all goofballs according to us?
Lucy: I think Dom won the falling over competition... he gets the clumsy award!

Hey guys! How exciting has this week been? Did it get overwhelming or too daunting at any point!?  Can't wait for the film
Dom: Its very exciting and I'm trying not to let it get to me! (as much as possible)
Lucy: It is really exciting- there is so much happening that it does feel quite overwhelming but in a way that is full of new ideas and great new experiences . My favorite thing is meeting the fans!

Is there going to be movies for all six books??
Zoey: We hope! If everyone sees the film and it does well!!
Lucy: Fingers crossed!!!

To Zoey: what was your favorite line from the script?
Zoey: I couldn't possibly choose. It's an extremely quotable film.

What actor would you guys like to work with if there is a sequal?
Dom: All the same guys

Zoey and Lucy, what do you enjoy most about acting?
Zoey: Having the chance to tell stories and make people feel.
Lucy: the exploration and discovering things you never imagined

What was the toughest thing that you all had to do to be part of the movie?
Dom: Connecting with the loneliness of the character
Lucy: Green eye contacts... blurry world!

If you could be any other character from the movie, who would it be?
Zoey: For the first book, Natalie. For the second, I'm not sure...
Lucy: Victor! mwaaahhaaahaa

Lucy, I heard you can surf, every take Zoey out surfing? Or will you in the future?
Zoey: Lucy Fry take me surfing!!!
Lucy: I will take her!!!

Zoey, Lucy, and Dom - Do you read Fangirlish? They are your biggest fans and can't wait to see you on Monday!!
Dom: We can't wait to see you too

How did you guys prepare for the roles? Had you read the books before you auditioned?
Dom: I used a lot of my audition process to mould christian. ^ auditions with Mark, i got a lot from them
Lucy: I spent ages preparing for the role... drawing Lissa, reading the books, learning the accent... becoming a 'princess'

What it fun making the movie!!!
Dom: great fun

Is there another character that you wish you could play after reading the books?
Dom: either Dimitri or Alberta

TO DOMINIC: Do you like Christian's hair color? Was it a big change for you? #DomSherwoodNews
Dom: My hair is quite light normally, borderline blonde, so ye it was very dark for me

What was the funniest or most memorable moment when filming?
Dom: I was always falling over when around lucy, that still happens to this day

What was the hardest part about filming this movie?
Dom: The middle....(you will know when you see it)

Is your movie staying real to the book?
Dom: As much as we can, its pretty close yeh
Lucy: yes it is, but be prepared to enjoy the book in a new life as a film!

What was the toughest thing that you all had to do to be part of the movie?
Dom: Connecting with the loneliness of the character

Is this gonna be a comedy? So far it doesn't seem as suspenseful or intense as the books. Will there be multiple movies?
Zoey: It is difficult to categorize it into one genre. It is a thriller, drama, comedy, all of the above. The humor is embedded into the film so well.

Was it hard to embody your characters at first?
Dom: yes, as it is with all characters, you have to know everything about them before you try to embody them
Lucy: Yes it takes a while to develop them... I did a lot of accent training and physical work to discover how Lissa walks and breathes and feels

What do you love most about your roles? Also which book was your fav?
Dom: Sardonic Smirk, best thing i can say
Lucy: Powers!!!!

Wanted to thank all of you for helping bring Richelle's awesomeness to life!!!! Cant wait to see it.... a few dozen times
Zoey: Thank you for being so passionate about this story!

Lucy: I made it! Finally! Classic

It was great meeting y'all in Houston.
So here's my question: I'm a film production major and I'm focusing on screen writing and directing. My biggest pet peeve with books being made into movies is when they don't follow the book (example: Twilight). Have any of y'all actually read the book(s)? And if so how close does the movie follow the book and the characters? Oh, and Dominic, will you marry me:) hah
Dom: The first one stay quite close to the book yeh, there are a few twists and turns to keep you on you're feet.

I was wanting to know if the movie is going to be the first book only or all of the books in one movie?
Dom: This movie is just the first book

Lucy and dominic how was it filming the love scenes? Was it awkward?(:
Dom: Not at all, Lucy Fry Is a truly lovely person, and our friendship stopped it being strange or awkward

If you could be any other character from the movie, who would it be?
Zoey: For the first book, Natalie. For the second, I'm not sure...

When you played your character, did any of that character's traits seep into your own personality?
Dom: Not really, i try and keep it all separate, Especially with Christian

How close to the book is the movie?
Dom: very close

how did you guys like working together
Zoey: We all got on very well, it was a joy to get to know everyone.

To all three of you, what was the scariest part of the VA audition?
Dom: The chemistry read, when i met Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch for the first time

All: Do you think you look like the character was depicted in the book? Do you think you were the best wo(man) for the job?
Dom: Thats the best thing about books, everyones idea and image of the characters will be different, so i guess that all up to you

what was it like to shoot the movie
Dom: Amazing, one of the best things I've ever done

What was your favorite scene from the movie to film?
Dom: The Attic and the ending

What's your favorite quality about your character and who is your favorite character overall?
Dom: He is Loyal, i love that about him

Why is Zoey always in the middle of you 3?! Lol
Dom: not sure, do you want us to change it up?

What was the most difficult scene to film? You guys look great by the way!
Dom: The middle-When you see it you'll know
Lucy: It was probably the torture scene... ouchies

Zoey: Dominic Sherwood r u a vampire in real life

Is the movie worth it
Zoey: you know it duh

After reading the first book did you all just fall in love with your characters?? I did, lol.
Zoey: Absolutely. Plus my character, Rose Hathaway, narrates the book, so in a lot of ways it's like having her diary. I got to know her very quickly.

Who's the funniest cast member?
Zoey: Danila.

Zoey do you look at the awesome possum list often?
Zoey: you know it awesomepossum

Dominic, is there a particular role that got away? - A role you really wanted, but wasn't cast in?
Dom: I try not to stay disappointed for long, onwards and upwards is my mentality. So no not really

Dominic, how was it kissing Lucy? xD
Dom: so so
Dom: just kidding, it was lovely

What was the hardest scene to do and why? Which scenes were the most fun to do?
Dom: There is a scene in the middle for me, you will know when you see it

Dominic sherwood how was it like to play with fire? And did you just get a new facebook?
Dom: it was great, and yes, we just got verified

Dominic, how old where you when you first got into acting?
Dom: Its always what I've wanted to do, but i started doing it for a living when i was 19

If each of you were picked as tribute for the hunger games, which person on the cast would you pick as your ally and why?
Dom: Danila, isn't it obvious why?

Had you heard of/read Vampire Academy before being cast for your roles? Really looking forward to seeing it next week!! Thank you!!
Dom: not before the audition but after the first one i started researching

How hard is it to portray characters when the characters are already so known and loved? Do you worry about the fans not liking it? (Don't worry. I couldn't have asked for a better cast.)
Zoey: It's vital to honor the fans, but we'll never make everybody happy. Having any expectation of reactions will just result in us being upset. I think the fact that Richelle really enjoyed the film says a lot.

If you were a moroi, which elemental power would you like to have?
Zoey: Spirit, of course.

will there be lots of blood?
Zoey: just enough

Any awkward moments?
Zoey: For me? Always.

Just wanted to say congrats on your roles and I can't wait to see you all on the big screen in a week!
Zoey: Take all yourrrrr friendzzzz!

To all of you, what attracted to this movie? Have any of you read the book? If not, what's your favorite part of the movie?
Dom: Its fun, thats the best way of me putting it. i love my job because it give me the opportunity to have fun every day, i don't want to lose that

To all of you, is there anything you want VA fans to know?
Dom: that we appreciate everything you guys have done for us

Who is the funniest from the cast?

What are some of the best memories from set?
Dom: The people, friends for life


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