Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quotes from Richelle Mead about Zoey and Danila in SciFiNow Magazine

“Dimitri has a lot going for him,” acknowledges Mead when we ask her why he made such an impression on her readers. “He’s quiet and mysterious, which drives a lot of us crazy. We want to know what he’s thinking, and readers have flooded me with requests to rewrite the series through his point of view, which I’m afraid won’t be happening! He’s strong, loyal and intensely fierce when it comes to protecting those in his charge. He’ll walk up against formidable odds without blinking an eye. And despite his stoic exterior, we get to see that he has a passionate heart within and is capable of huge emotion when in love. Add all of that up, and it’s no wonder he has so many fans!”

Zoey and Danila:
Mead tells us that Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky are perfect fits for Rose and Dimitri. “It’s really amazing not just how much they look like the characters, but they actually have their personalities down as well,” she enthuses. “Zoey has such energy and sass and totally understands Rose’s sense of humour. When she’s in the room, people know it! Danila likewise has that strength and stoicism that Dimitri has, which cleverly hides a wealth of humour and emotion within. And yet, despite their larger-than-life presences, he and Zoey are both so totally down to earth and approachable. You instantly feel comfortable around them.”

Thanks to Gossipgyal


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