Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Richelle Mead's Short On-Set Interview with Fangirlish About Her Cameo

Did We Mention We Were on Vampire Academy Set the Day Richelle Mead Filmed Her Cameo?

It was revealed last week that Richelle Mead has a cameo in Vampire Academy. As you can tell by the picture above – she’s a teacher at St. Vlad’s.
We were on set with Hypable and Page to Premiere when she filmed her cameo. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we can tell you what she had to say about her cameo…

Q: We saw you got to play a little cameo earlier. How was that? What was the story behind that?
Richelle: It was Marks suggestion. I just did a walk through. I was a teacher walking through the halls, just before some action. It was fun. You know, it was nothing. It was a walk on for me and there was still so much work that goes into that. They take take after take, after take… and they do every angle.
Q: You are worn out by the end of it.
Richelle: And I think how are they doing it. They aren’t just walking, they are talking and they are doing this for… I mean this was a six day work week and they are going all night and it blows my mind. The amount of time to get one minute of footage. That’s five hours of filming. It’s crazy.
Q: It’s not the start of a new career as an actor.
Richelle: No. I am going to go home and go back to my writing.
Q: You aren’t the new Stan Lee or something. Write a little bit, film a cameo…
Richelle: Oh that’s right. If they can find roles creative for me as they have found for Stan we will see.


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