Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vampire Academy Countdown: Day 9 - Chapter 11-15 Recap

For Part 3 of our Chapter Recaps we will be discussing Chapters 11-15! (ICYMI: Part 1 & Part 2)

Only 9 more days! Is anyone else re-reading Vampire Academy before the movie comes out like we are? For this next part of our Vampire Academy Countdown, we bring to you Part 3 of our Chapter Recaps, in which we go over the book together with Fangirlish.
It’s November 1st- All Saints Day and St. Vlad’s is having a school assembly. It’s not that Rose wants to go for the assembly, it’s because she gets a break from her punishment of a hell of a lot of time in her room. There’s a group of Royals – including the Queen coming in. What’s a few boring speeches when she gets to spend time with friends.
Rose has started to really get into her training with Dmitri. She’s got an extra hour of training before and after school – and she doesn’t mind it. She wants time with him and their training goes by quick. They are getting ready to leave and Rose takes it as an opportunity to attack. But when she does he quickly pins her to the ground.
Umm.. Dmitri pinning her down. I will gladly change places with Rose. Geesh.  There’s a lot of sexual tension going on.
So it’s time for the banquet and Zoey heads over. She’s amazed at how they have transformed the dining hall for the royal’s banquet. Everyone is sitting and watching the Queen when she walks through and stops to talk to Lissa. She’s all happy to have her back and stuff. She’s paying compliments and then puts Lissa down.
Dinners over and Lissa head out. Rose follows, but Natalie beats her to Lissa. Rose is spying and Natalie is trying to be all comforting. Natalie’s trying to assure her that running away isn’t a bad thing. Lissa’s all she doesn’t know if this was a good thing. Rose finally interrupts and Natalie runs off to see her Dad.
Lissa thinks about Christian and Rose is like “Get over him.” But then Mia shows up and starts talking her normal brand of shit. Dmitri walks up and interrupts the fight. Mia walks off with her followers.
Dmitri tells Rose he’s going to walk her back to the dorm. They run into Christian. Insults are traded between Rose and Dmitri. Christian turned around and went back to the dorm.

Read chapters 12-15 over at Fangirlish

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