Thursday, February 6, 2014

Collider's Interview with Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, and Dominic Sherwood

Zoey Deutch talks Vampire Academy, Fan Reactions, her new project "Midnight Rider," and more in this interview with Collider. 

How did this come about for you?
I saw Mark’s name attached to it.  I love Mark.  I’m a huge fan of his.  So, I auditioned for it, and I fell in love with Rose.  It’s very rare that you get a part that you actually like.  People have a misconception, whether it be because actors lie or because you’re reading interviews from giantly, massively famous actors, but you don’t just get offered parts, all the time.  You actually have to work to get them.  It’s a rarity to get one that you actually like, when you’re not already established.  But, this was exciting because it was a great character and something that’s never been done before, and I also got it.

If you were going to do one of these young adult adaptations, especially one that is a vampire story, was it important to you that it be different from what’s already out there?
I think so, yeah.  It is important.  And I do think it stands alone.

Had you been familiar with these books, at all?
I had heard of them, absolutely.  But, I hadn’t read them yet.  I read some prior to filming. 

Did it help give you added insight? 
Absolutely!  It was a gift to essentially have Rose’s diary in front of me.  It’s from the perspective of the character that I play, so before I filmed certain scenes that were directly taken from the book, I would go back and re-read them on set and remember what Richelle wrote about Rose’s through process and how she was feeling about certain things.  It really helped.

When and how did you realize just how popular these books are?
Pretty much the second I auditioned for it, I went online and Googled it, and I saw how passionate and avid these fans were. 

Read the rest of Zoey's Interview HERE

Lucy Fry also talks Vampire Academy, how she got involved with the film, reading the first book, working with fangs, and character relationships in this interview with Collider HERE

Dominic Sherwood talks about finding humanity in his character, practical vs. CGI fire, and the popularity of books with Collider HERE


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