Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Jared Chat with Zoey Deutch and Dominic Sherwood (February 6)

What was the Vampire Academy premiere like? How was it watching yourself on the big screen? 
DS: It was an amazing and humbling experience. So great to see people who support us and the movie. I can’t wait until the next one.
ZD: The premiere was a lot of fun, and bizarrely not too stressful. It was so nice to see everyone again.

What has been the craziest fan encounter been while promoting Vampire Academy? 
DS: They have all been nice so far. Me and Cameron Monaghan got off the stage at a signing in LA, that was a little crazy.
ZD: More than 1 person has brought their child to a M&G to tell us that they named he/she after a VA character. Love those dedicated fans!!

Rose can see through Lissa's eyes. Whose eyes would you want to see through for the day?
DS: I said Elton John at an interview and my Mum laughed at me, but imagine the people he would meet and the stories he would hear!!
ZD: I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, my desert tortoise. I’m convinced he can teleport and I’d love to know how that goes down.

Zoey, your character has a lot of nightmares. What was your most recent nightmare?
ZD: All I remember are my lines and sometimes my middle name, never my dreams or what I ate for breakfast.

Dom, how did you celebrate your birthday? You just turned 24!
DS: I just turned 24 today! Im in New York so the day/night remains to be seen…

What’s your favorite and least favorite quality about your character?
ZD: My favorite quality about Rose Hathaway is her sense of humor, and my least favorite would be her impulse control issues.
DS: His loyalty is my favourite thing about him. His loneliness is the thing i struggle with the most.

Did anyone play pranks on each other on the Vampire Academy set?
ZD: Not that I remember. They could have been pulling pranks on me the entire time and I didn’t know it?
DS: Yea all the time. Sarah Hyland got me good a few times. And I got locked in my trailer once or twice.

If your dream world, what other kind of academy would you want to attend?
DS: Ooo, Good one. Maybe hogwarts…Or one of Plato’s lecture halls?
ZD: omg what if I answered “THE ACADEMY AWARDS”, then you’d have to punch me 900 times.

In a fight to the death, who would win - Rose Hathaway or Katniss Everdeen?
ZD: That’s a mean question. No answer.
DS: I couldn’t call that one. I think Rose has that kill or be killed spirit, but Katniss has a badass Bow. Of course, if Christian was there he would win *Pulls a disbelieving face haha*

Thanks to Just Jared!


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