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San Francisco Book Signing at Barnes and Noble with Zoey, Lucy, and Dom


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Vampire Academy San Francisco, CA Mall Tour with Zoey Deutch, Dom Sherwood, and Lucy Fry


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Zoey, Dom, and Lucy on Breathe Radio (January 31)

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New Portraits of Zoey, Lucy, and Dominic

Richelle Mead Talks Vampire Academy, MTV Movie Brawl & More

There have been quite a few clips and stills that have been released. What has been the general feedback on social media and what do you think of them?
Richelle: I am a huge fan of everything that I have seen. I have read the script and I have seen an early cut of the movie. I have the big picture to look at. To me, it is very true to it and I think people are starting to feel that way the more they see actual footage from the movie. I think some of the advertising was confusing to some fans who didn’t quite understand the angle that they were going for – it looked like it had more humor than they were expecting. It was kind of an attempt to differentiate it from Twilight and some of the other supernatural works out there. Vampire Academy is a very funny book. It is also a very serious, heartbreaking book too. It does have its sense of humor, so they were really playing up that angle in the advertising. I think once fans have started to see these clips, especially in the last couple of weeks – there has just been tons of them and new trailers and all sorts of good stuff- I think they are seeing what I have been seeing for a long time. It really does capture that dark tone, the humor, the romance, the action. It’s a big balancing act both in the book and the movie and I really do feel like they got that. Daniel Waters, who wrote the script, understood what I was trying to do in the book. He captured that in his screenplay, I feel.
What scene are you most excited to see on the big screen?
Richelle: I am most excited about the ending. Endings are my favorite part to write of the book. It’s what everything is building towards – all the clues, all the mysteries. It’s when everything comes together for me as a writer. Then also, it goes extremely fast. I can slave over a book for weeks and then write an ending in a couple of days. I was super excited to see that on film. The draft that I have seen of it – I thought it was just really wonderful what they did. They got all the action, it follows all the main points that are in the book. They added a few things that don’t take away from anything, but make it look really neat on screen. I think fans are really going to enjoy that.

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2 New Vampire Academy Movie Clips

New Interview With Lucy Fry

The popular book series, “Vampire Academy” tells the story of best friends and vampires, Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry) making their way through high school. Sure, they run into the same problems as everyone (crushes, mean girls and homework), but they have a few extra issues on their hands as Lissa discovers she is vampire royalty and Rose fights to project her. After all, what are best friends for?
Q: How did you get your start in acting?
A: As a child I was really quiet and shy- no one could hear me when I spoke! My teacher recommended I go to speech and drama classes to find my voice. Through those classes I started to recite poetry and discovered I loved to perform. At 14, I started to train at a theatre in Australia and it was so liberating and exciting. I thought, this is something I could do.
Q: When you heard you got this part what was the first thing you thought?
A: Blank shock – I could not think.
Q: Did you do anything special to prepare for the film?
A: Lots of voice training to get my English accent perfect and yoga to get my princess posture! I also did lots of training with a physical theatre coach to find ways to physically manifest the pain Lissa feels over the loss of her parents.

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New Inteview Dom Sherwood Talks Vampire Academy, Fans and Music

First thing's first, was he a VA fan prior to filming?

"If I'm completely honest, no. I hadn't heard of the series. I did my research after the first audition — just before the first audition, actually, when I found out that it was based on the best-selling series. I started there, then dug a little deeper. I read the first one, and I've actually made the conscious choice not to read ahead of what we're filming because — as we've finished the first one now, and Richelle makes it all illustrative, which is amazing — I'm not hired to do Richelle Mead's version; I'm hired to do Mark and Dan Waters' version. It was very important to me that I didn't end up kind of muddying the water, and confusing one with the other. It's almost like if you were hired to play Romeo, and going back and watching other people's performances, you will naturally pick up things from that part that they've done, and that's not what I wanted to do. I wanted to do Mark and Dan's visioning of it."

On his character, Christian Ozera

"He's had a terrible upbringing because his parents [are] the worst things that are known in vampire culture; [they've done] the worst thing that they could possibly do. So all the people at school — I think it would be kind of like [at] any school, if your parents do something that's seen as criminal or immoral or whatever, he's neglected, and he's pushed to one side, and he's segregated and bullied by all the kids at school, so he ends up very much on his own; he turns to humor and sarcasm and that's how he kind of defends himself. Lissa has this same sort of thing where she's locked up and feels alone because of royalty and all the things she's going through. And then they find each other, which is really nice because they find love in one another through something that's quite normal."

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Full Transcript of Zoey, Dom, and Lucy's Facebook Chat (January 31)

And have u guys read the books
Dom: I have read the first one, I'm trying not to get ahead of myself x

Do you think the movie will do the book justice?
Dom: Absolutely
Zoey: Absolutely
Lucy: OH YES

What is your best memory from the experience on Vampire Academy?
Dom: The people i have met and the relationships that i have developed
Zoey: The people i have met and the relationships that i have developed
Lucy: Same, all the amazing people. Cast and Crew. It was so fun. And being in England. It was such a treat to be in London
Lucy: The people for sure and it was such a treat to be in london... amazing place

Zoey: I've decided to just copy and paste Dom's responses...?
Zoey: Bad idea, Zoey.

Was it fun making the movie
Dom: Such fun. We were all really lucky to have such a great cast and crew
Zoey: It was wildly fun and challenging in ways I had never expected. But at the end of the day it is a job, and we all wanted a great product, so we worked very hard.

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VA Movie Concert on Monday 2/3 with Iggy Azalea + The Cast

Attention Iggy Azalea fans in Los Angeles!#VAMovie is hosting a concert Monday, February 3rd, and has 50 guest passes to hand out to fans 21 AND OVER. The cast will be there. Iggy Azalea will be there. Will you be there? Send an e-mail with the subject "VA Movie Concert" to and we'll select 50 winners at random. Better hurry!

Video Interviews for January 31

Lucy Fry on The Better Show:

Sarah Hyland on The Today Show:
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New Pictures of Vampire Academy Cast During Press (January 31)

And that's a wrap on the 15 hour press junket with @ZoeyDeutch for #VampireAcademy

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In the arcade at the Facebook headquarters! WhaaaaaaaAaAat.

: It's San Francisco press day with the lovely "

Vampire Academy Countdown: Day 7 - Caption It!

Here's another Caption It Giveaway Game for our Vampire Academy Countdown with Fangirlish! 


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11 Things We Learned From The Cast Of "Vampire Academy"

Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry stopped by BuzzFeed to talk about vamps (not the sparkly kind).

1. For those who haven’t read the book, could you tell us what Vampire Academy is about?
Lucy Fry: Vampire Academy is about an academy with vampires! There’s three races of vampires; the Moroi, the Strigoi, and the dhampir. The Moroi are living vampires and Lissa, my character, is a Moroi who has powers as all Moroi do. The dhampir are the half-human/half-vampires who protect the Moroi from the Strigoi, the evil undead vampires, who want to kill the Moroi and suck their blood.
Zoey Deutch: So basically auditioning for this you can imagine I’m sitting in my room being like, “Moroi, Strigoi, dhampir, what?!” It’s very difficult, but not complicated; the words are just funny.
LF: It’s just the context. Once you understand that [the structure of the vampire world], the premise of the film is that Rose and Lissa are best friends, and Lissa’s parents die in a car accident and she’s really scarred and feels all of these dark shadows, and scary things happening at the school. So Rose protects her and takes her away from the academy, and the film starts with them being captured and taken back to the academy, and they have to face of all these things they’ve been running away from, including the bullying at the school.
ZD: Whilst also discovering what even happened in the first place because their memories were warped.

2. Have you read all the books yet?
ZD: No.
LF: I’m almost there.

So it’s pronounced dhampir (dom-p-ear)?
ZD: Yes, dhampir.

OK, I was paranoid about how I was pronouncing it in my head while I was reading.

ZD: Yeah, one person has pronounced it as dom-fairy, dom-fairy-yon, etc.

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