Friday, August 29, 2014

Costume Bidding on Ebay for #Frostbite2015

BIG NEWS #VAFamily. Own a piece of #VAMovie history and bid on one of the many costumes worn by the stars of the film. Proceeds from the bidding on EBAY will be directed towards our Indiegogo campaign. But here is the catch - regardless if we reach our goal or not - you STILL get to keep your Costume win and no refunds will be made.

Here are the links to place your bid on the following costumes:

Rose Hathaway Costumes (Worn by Zoey Deutch):
Rose's Equinox Dress
Rose's Jacket
Rose's St. Vlad Uniform

Dimitri Belikov Costumes (Worn by Danila Kozlovsky):
Dimitri's Duster

Vasilisa Dragomir Costumes (Worn by Lucy Fry):
Lissa's Equinox Dress
Lissa's St. Vlad Blazer

Natalie Dashkov Costumes (Worn by Sarah Hyland)
Natalie's St. Vlad Blazer

Mason Ashford Costumes (Worn by Cameron Monaghan):
Mason's St. Vlad Blazer

Mia Rinaldi Costumes (Worn by Sami Gayle):
Mia's Equinox Dress
Mia's St. Vlad Uniform 

Jesse Zeklos Costumes (Worn by Ashley Charles):
Jesse's St. Vlad's Blazer

Friday, August 22, 2014

Frostbite Movie Script Sneak Peek #5

Sneak Peek #5 is Mason and Rose! Only two weeks left of the IndieGoGo Campaign, be sure to keep contributing what you can and help spread the word!

If you missed the other sneak peeks:

Ways to help the Frostbite Campaign be a success:

With only 15 days left on the IndieGoGo Campaign and a 14% of the $1.5 million gained, we have a long way to go. BUT, it's not all said and done yet! This only means that we have to put in some extra effort to turn things around. If you have already donated and don't know how else you can help, the best way to do so is to spread the word. Listed below are a few of the ongoing fan efforts, please join in!

The best way to convince the world that people want Frostbite is to tell them ourselves. All you have to do is make a video in which you let people know how much Frostbite means to you and why you think it needs to be adapted to film. We have received several amazing videos so far, see them here! Or learn more and submit your own

Show You're Ready For Frostbite 2015:
If you can't do a video blog, you can do a quick picture! (Thanks to Zlata from Bosnia!) Simply post a picture of yourself saying "We Are Ready for Frostbite 2015" to spread the message around the web. You can follow the example of these awesome fans in the slideshow below who have already submitted their pictures. Click here for more info on how to send yours. 

Media Reach Out:
VAFandomUSA and RoseComrade have kicked off a media reach out campaign in which fans alternate 5 media outlets every two days. All you have to do is send them a tweet in which you ask for their help in spreading the word or simply tell them why you believe in Frostbite and why they should too. 
  • Current media outlets: @YahooMovies@EW@JaredEng@Teen
  • Sample tweet format: @username [your message] #Frostbite2015Campaign

Any and all efforts to spread the word are extremely helpful! Unfortunately, the biggest struggle when it comes to Vampire Academy world is reaching all the fans out there who aren't aware of the situation. Getting these people, as well as new ones, on board can make or break Frostbite. Remember that it's an all-or-nothing deal and every bit helps!

If you have any other ideas on how to spread the word, or if we've missed any above please let us know! You can tweet us or email at Thank you! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'Frostbite' Movie Script Sneak Peek #4

Dom Sherwood revealed the fourth sneak peek to the Frostbite movie script which gives us a first look at Lissa and Christian!

If you missed the other sneak peeks:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Full Videos of the Cast's 'Frostbite' Message

These are the full videos of Danila and Dom's video messages as seen on the IndieGoGo website. More full videos of the cast to come!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Third Sneak Peek of the 'Frostbite' Movie Script

Sami Gayle took over @OfficialVAMovie today and personally shared with us the third sneak peek from the Frostbite script:

If you missed the first and second sneak peeks, check them out here and here.

Only 25 more days to go till the IndieGoGo campaign ends. Donate now and claim your perk! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

#FansForFrostbite Video Blog Submissions!

We had previously announced our #FansForFrostbite project and we've already received some amazing submissions! 

The purpose is to spread the word about Frostbite and the IndieGoGo campaign to as many people as possible.There's nothing better than hearing from the fans themselves so make your voice heard and let people know why YOU want Frostbite. Here are some great submissions:

Join in and make your own! Once your videos have been recorded, upload them to YouTube and tweet them with the hashtag #FansForFrostbite. (You can also send it to us via Facebook) The best videos will be featured and retweeted by us and @OfficialVAMovie

Thank you to everyone who has submitted! Together we can make this campaign a success!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

'Frostbite' Campaign Reaches $100k in 24 Hours + Second Sneak Peek of the Script!

As a reward for reaching $100,000 in the first 24 hours (great job, guys!), we got another sneak peek of the Frostbite script thanks to @OfficialVAMovie. Meet Isaiah:

Keep up the work over on IndieGoGo and donate if you can!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Support Frostbite on IndieGoGo!

The IndieGoGo 'Frostbite' Fundraising Campaign is now live and you can donate to support the film!

The goal of the IndieGoGo Campaign is to reach $1.5 million during the August 6 - Sept 5 (11:59pm PT) time frame. It's an all or nothing deal. If the goal is not met you will receive a refund. You can read the rest of the details and pledge your contribution HERE

It is up to us to get Frostbite on screen! If you're able to donate, please do! If you're not able to donate- no worries, you can always help us spread the word. Getting word out there from fans themselves is very important and is ultimately the deciding factor in whether we reach our goal. So, tell all your friends and family... let them know Vampire Academy is back and better than ever! 

Video from the cast and producers:

A few screencaps from the video:
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P. S. We'd love for you to join us for #FansforFrostbite: Video Blogs. Let's get our voices heard and show the world how much the Vampire Academy world means to us. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#FansForFrostbite Video Blogs

As many of you know, in order to bring Frostbite to life, we're going to have to do a LOT of convincing. It is up to us to show the financial backers that we do, in fact, want and demand a Frostbite movie. Getting word out was one of the biggest issues we had earlier this year and we need to make sure we don't make the same mistake twice. For the IndieGoGo campaign to be a success we're going to have to put in the extra work to make sure everyone knows what's at stake and how much we need their help.

To get this done, we've received a call to action from the Vampire Academy producers to launch the #FansForFrostbite Video Blogs and we need YOU to participate. The goal of these videos is to show people just how passionate Vampire Academy fans can be and convince everyone that they need to do their part in getting Frostbite on screen. 

All you have to do is make a video in which you talk about: 
  1. Why you love Vampire Academy - Frostbite 
  2. Why the Frostbite movie should be made 
  3. How people can help (IndieGoGo, spreading the word, etc.)
Once your videos have been recorded, upload them to YouTube and Tweet/Facebook them with the hashtag #FansForFrostbite. The best videos will be featured and retweeted by us and @OfficialVAMovie.

Remember that the IndieGoGo campaign is a vital part in getting Frostbite Made. If you're able to donate, please make sure you do! Every bit helps. The $1.5 million goal is completely attainable if we're able to get the word out to as many fans as possible. 

Think of it this way, if each of the 45K+ twitter followers on @OfficialVAMovie donate $35, that alone will have gotten us to our goal. If you take out the inactive fans or those who aren't able to donate that amount (or at all) we still have over 360K fans on Facebook to pull from as well. See where we're going with this? Word of mouth is crucial at this moment and we need everyone's help to make Frostbite a reality.

We look forward to watching your videos! Click here to watch the videos submitted so far. 

First Sneak Peak of the Frostbite Movie Script!

Here's the first look at the Frostbite script which gives us a little introduction to Adrian Ivashkov! You can obtain the full script when you donate $30 USD or more to the IndieGoGo campaign which begins tomorrow!

Save up and get ready for Frostbite to come to life soon!

IndieGoGo Campaign Perks!

Ready to do your part in bringing Frostbite to life? Now is the time! An IndieGoGo campaign was announced yesterday to do just that and here are all the cool stuff you can get for your contributions: 

$10USD — Novice Package
Get the 411 during the production of Frostbite, including early casting announcements and day-to-day life on set. And like Rose, we hate to play by the rules, so don’t be surprised if we sneak you some early behind-the-scene photos or special messages from the cast.

$20USD Guardian-in-Training Package
Thirsty for a little more? We'll send you updates during production AND a PDF of the script on day of release. You'll be able to quote your favorite characters and scenes before anyone else 

$30USD — Royal Package     
Live like a Royal and be one of the first to see Frostbite with a Digital Download, while you read along with your PDF of the Script AND impress your friends with all the exclusive updates.

$50USD — School Pride Package 
Show your school pride! Score an exclusive St. Vladimir t-shirt, Digital Download of the film, PDF of the script AND exclusive updates. Choose your design — or better yet –- for an extra $20 get both!

$50USD  Signed Cast Photo
By popular demand, secure your very own Lithographed Cast Photo with main cast signatures. This offer is a STAND ALONE or ADD-ON ONLY and does not apply nor is it included with any other package and does not include any additional perks.

$75USD Dhampir Package 
Decorate your bedroom or dorm with an Exclusive FROSTBITE poster, a limited edition that will be created for this campaign. PLUS a Digital Download, St. Vladimir's t-shirt, PDF of the script and exclusive updates.

$75USD  St. Vlad Hoodie
Loving your perks, but wishing you could get your hands on a hoodie? Now is your chance! 

$150USD  Signature Package 
Do you dream about Adrian? Act now and get your very own SIGNED Photo from the future actor portraying the Royal Bad Boy himself. Includes Updates, PDF of Script, Digital Download, T-Shirt or Tank Top and Poster. This new offer does NOT apply to Behind-The-Scenes, VIP, Guardian, #VAFamily, St. Vlad's, Friends Forever or Queen Bee Packages. This offer does not include the Hoodie.

$150USD (limited availability) — Moroi Package SOLD OUT
Just how big of a fan are you? Act now if you want to secure one of 250 Limited-Edition Specially Bound SIGNED Scripts with 6 photo prints from the film. It will be the crown jewel of your Frostbite rewards, which includes all of the above.

$175USD Author Package
Does FROSTBITE hold a special place in your heart? Then you can’t miss out on these limited availability RICHELLE MEAD SIGNED FROSTBITE books. Included in this package: Updates, PDF of the script, Digital Download, T-shirt/Tank and Poster.

$200USD Behind-The-Scenes Package
If a picture is worth a thousand words... then a Hardcover Behind-The-Scenes Photo Book from FROSTBITE is priceless! This reward includes all of the above, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints. 

$250USD — VIP Package     
The film is called Frostbite after all… keep warm this winter in an Exclusive St. Vladimir Hoodie as you cozy up to watch your Digital Downloaded copy of the film. All rewards above are included, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.

$300USD Guardian Package
Not everyone can show their loyalty with Molnija marks, but you can show off your own personalized FROSTBITE Director's Chair Back Cover. Made exclusively for the cast and crew and YOU! All rewards above are included, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints. (Personalization limited to X letters and chair not included).

$350USD (limited availability)  @FollowMe Package
Are you the ultimate @RichelleMead super fan? Be one of 50 fans to secure a Twitter Follow from the author, herself, for ONE YEAR (Starting Day One of Production)! Includes: Updates, PDF, Digital Download, T-shirt/Tank, Poster, Hardcover Behind-The-Scenes Photo Book, Hoodie and Director’s Chair Back Cover.

$750USD (limited availability) — #VAFamily Package  
Have you been a part of the #VAfamily for years now? We believe that YOU deserve a credit in Frostbite. Don’t hesitate; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be included in the Special Thanks End Credits of the film! Take home all the rewards above, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.

$4,500USD (limited availability) — St. Vlad’s Package  
Do you have what it takes to be a student at St. Vladimir’s? Prove it with a featured background extra role in Frostbite. Walk the halls of campus, or a ski lodge or a mall… rest assure you will walk someplace! Travel and lodging are not provided, but you will get an authentic set experience, meet the cast and exercise your acting skills. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Australia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval

$5,000USD (limited availability) — Friends Forever Package  
How could you go to St. Vlad’s without your BFF? Same deal as above, but you can bring your best friend with you! Rose and Lissa would approve. Travel and lodging are not provided, but you will get an authentic set experience, meet the cast and exercise your acting skills. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Australia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval

$10,000USD Queen Bee Package SOLD OUT
Repeat after me, "Hi, Adrian." Two lucky fans will spend the day on set, meet the cast and have a walk on part with lines. Dreams do come true! Travel not included. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Austalia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval

The Goal for the Campaign is $1.5 million and you can donate HEREIt's time to do our part in showing the world that we want Frostbite, so let's get to work! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

'Frostbite' Fundraising Campaign Announced!

‘Vampire Academy’ Filmmakers Turn To IndieGoGo, Fans For A Sequel: Exclusive

The producers behind the first film are this week launching an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for “Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film.” If fans contribute $1.5 million, the financial backers will be convinced that there’s enough fan demand for the movie and fund the rest of the production cost.

The campaign launches this Wednesday, August 6.

Producer Mike Preger said that the decision to move forward with the crowdfunding campaign was totally motivated by the fans.

“The fans mean everything to us,” he said in an email to MTV News. “We decided to move forward with ‘Frostbite’ because of the fans, and we want to give them the purest book to film adaptation possible. We have a script by Piers Ashworth [screenwriter of "St. Trinian's"] that does just that. We want to give them exactly what they expect.”

Producer Deepak Nayar agreed, and said that fans so wanted a sequel that they had actually suggested turning to crowdfunding.

“Our financiers were willing to move forward ONLY if we could show them the fans would support us,” Nayar said. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that we would not be here without them.”

If the goal is met, pre-production will begin late this year, the film will shoot in early 2015, and the finished product will hit theaters in late 2015. “Frostbite” will follow Rose (played in “Vampire Academy” by Zoey Deutch) as she continues to protect her best friend, Moroi vampire princess Lissa (Lucy Fry). She will also have a new love interest, “royal bad boy” Adrian.

Though producers have “every intention” of bringing back the original cast (Deutch, Fry, Dominic Sherwood and Gabriel Byrne, to name a few), their return would depend on availability and is not yet confirmed.

Fans have shown their support for the “Vampire Academy” series before, voting it into the final round of this year’s MTV Movie Brawl. Not to mention the more than 32,000 fans who signed a petition in support of a sequel.

Contributors can expect incentives in the form of exclusive updates from the set, St. Vladimir’s Academy apparel and walk-on roles, to name just a few. The month-long campaign will also feature contests and takeovers across the film’s social media platforms.

Fans can follow along through the fundraising and production process via the producers’Twitter account, Facebook page and Instagram throughout the fundraising and production process.

*Click HERE for list of cool packages you can get for donating to IndieGoGo!